Friday, October 20, 2017

Kenya has made me angry, Kenyans have made me sad  ,Sure you agree with me None of us chose to be Kenyan but I know you think it was a calling to be Kikuyu or Luo. Let me open your eyes to a truth you need to know .You and me fighting over who is going to make us suffer for the next five years is stupid and insane .It is like  being told to go get a stick by your parent and you bring the wettest most flexible Cyprus branch because your brother is going to be beaten too .This over inflated sense of self-importance is a disease that needs a cure. 1819 Shujaaz died by the Bullet in the Mau Mau uprising trying to take Kenya back. We want to bleed for asinine causes like an election we want to dilute the sacrifice, that they made with our blood contaminated by hate and un patriotism. Kua shujaa Chukua Panga yako uuwe ukabila.
Maybe we should talk to Dedan Kimathi and ask why he needed the white man gone .I am sure  Having any Kenyan leader would have been satisfactory ,Someone who understood the  struggle like He did ,someone who lost their land like he did ,would surely not subject him to the same ,surely he would be treated with dignity and compassion fit for a human being .I am sorry Dedan Kimathi but you died for nothing ,Police shootings and Kenyans like Huddah  saying its fine if demonstrators are shot .Impunity andcareless disregard for human life.People speaking like other people are less people ,Leaders out of touch with the common suffering ,My country is a shame .Kua shujaa chukua Panga uwa ukabila
Do not burn my country was something I thought if I told you,you will own your country proudly as a Kenyan but none of you are Kenyan ,you my dears are Kikuyus ,Kalenjins ,Luos ,Luhyas +40 others who happen to be Within the Boarders of Kenya .Maybe Awrgins Kodhek could come back and tell us if he fought for Kenya ,the shape on the map, or he fought for the people of Kenya . A small part of me is wishing for full scale war, blood flowing on the street war. If that what it will take to realisse the importance of our diversity. Our politicians talking like they got shit handled and when the 27th of October comes they will realize that the shit had hit the fan and no amount of military intervention will stop a full scale civil war.To be honest I believe it will be good for  Kenya in the long run. The United States did it, Europe has  done it.War seems like the natural road to peace  , Maybe ,it takes chaos to bring order ,war to bring peace ,Maybe  ukiamua  kuwa Shujaa wa kabila yako itaishia ukiokoa nchi yako .so by any means necessary fight for your tribe ,destroy your country .It seems whatever is said about peace is useless since we all still do not realize the importance of virtues such as Justice ,fairness .The level of mistrust among us is unreasonable so why not kill the values out of each other .Kuwa shujaa chukua panga uwa mkabila mwenzako
But before we go nuclear let us be sure this is a war you want to fight, You and  I will not fly out of the country ,most of us will die ,some of us will never see our families .Some will walk to Uganda ,others to Tanzania in refugee camps .Your children will be burnt in your houses your wives will be raped then slaughtered it is their blood that will wash your sins and allow the growth of a new breed of Kenyan ,with a sense of patriotism. It may take 30 years to be back but if it’s worth it why not ,by all means Kuwa shujaa wa kabila chukua panga ua mkabila mwenzako
I assure you it is not worth the time or the pain .To see your neighbor suffer and bleed because of which oppressor is better for the next five years  is not ok .You and I are dispensable to  the political class ,we are useless ,we are just an  army to their goals. They rather see the country burn to ashes, all of us dead than lose power. It is a sad reality of who we are .You could make it easy. Just boy cot the news, boycott elections, invite your neighbor for lunch, play with your children, if you are a slay queen keep slaying ,keep working ,keep surviving. I assure you it is worth it to keep living. Kuwa shujaa ,chukua panga yako ua Ukabila .Kuwa mkenya


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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I do not know why I am telling you what you know but damn it am going to do it any way. 13.772 billion years ago The big bang theory and shit  happened making  The sun the oldest thing in our universe .Ever heard of the saying as wise as the sun ?,Probably not,but I am sure you have "The wisdom Of Age".The sun has surely seen a lot from the days Bacteria learnt of mating(highly inaccurate statement) to Humans learning the importance of a pit latrine to Facebook then to Snap chat (too far ???).My point is if the sun  shares this wisdom through the Time we live on this world  before our surprising but also totally expected demise ,we learn more often than preferred through experience.

I also thought I was going to bullshit through this part I totally planned for but lucky You I am among the few spiritius mundi spared the total embarrassment all poets face when asked of Inspiration .The Wisdom of the sun focuses on the main facets  of our life ,What is important to who and at  what age. The Main themes are Love (Cliche but give me  a chance I am awesome ) There is religion and Faith 
Egotism(over inflated sense of self Importance) And our unwavering need to fit in .It took a lot of soul searching and embarrassment to admit this affects  me too ,you perfect little doves straight from the womb of Heaven 


Surprise, surprise !! guess who is the first (Drum rolls and Brazilian chickas dancing samba ) LOVE (Probably not that Huge a Surprise ) But yes I know You have loved someone who never loved you back because I am a fucking psychic and also because in this matters I have  a lot of not to mention on your blog Issues  .The persona is the Grandfather in this verse.Of course by  that you expect the Low regard for property and reminiscences  of old flames gives him an edge 

Best Lines

"The beauty of the world is beheld in who we love"

"The one you love will never love enough"


Knock knock,
Who is There 
Your father 
Your Father who?
Your Hippy Father who is not participating in a knock knock Joke  because Its actually raining outside 
(I really thought it  would go better ) 
 Point is The Father Focuses on the Fakeness  of our Kindness and the sickening need to fit in .Though we know its all fake and boujee  we still want people to talk about us as if we have set the sun by our strength .We want recognition  and we want people to want recognition from Us.

Best lines 

The eyesore of the world is our love of the mirror"

"Our charity creeps from the mountain of useless surplus"


 As Lil weezy Tunechi Baby once said "Its all about I  take the rest of the vowels back" And yes yes Its persona I  not me really but for some weird reason it still gets me excited .'I' is really into this Justice and Fairness vibe.The persona understands the basics of justice, the need for a person to be willing to forgive an atrocity makes the world fair since we all, in one way or another do the fellow man  wrong .When Justice is not available We have turned to Divinity ,to the  un explainable for solace 

Best lines

"The fairness of the world lies in forgiveness and sin"

"Searching for atonement through the accursed
So we made God from our trepidation for our own redemption"


Finally the Son of sons is here with all this teenage aggression blaming the Parents for his shit yet they do not understand the  difficulty of life,Expecting the Parent to stand by and watch life take over the "teaching lessons department' .

Best Lines 

"They create us in the image of their exalted desires"

"Brushed in a light so dark hoping we get drawn for them"

Perhaps one of my best recent works in regards to content and maturity however I  had to compromise on style and Pattern to deliver this .I hope you enjoyed the Poem.



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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

AND TO THE HUMAN WITH A SNAKE TATTOO (Meaning and interpretation)



The title is inspired by the fact the writer has a  snake tattoo wrapped across his arm bringing the thought that we are people  first born without blemish and later on we grow and get marks  and scars which can be gory and beautiful at the same time

And to the human with a snake tattoo
I know the world let you down
The gods and the angels forgot your soul
Living in a world within temptation
Where right and wrong 
is right and wrong
Where love and hate is differently same
A world of my time, I am a son of this time
I pray to money for money too
I am the snake with a human tattoo
My demons always answer the devil
But my memories will always keep you near\

And to the human with the snake tattoo
I know the world let you down
The devils and the demons cry for your soul
Living in a world without faith and grace
Where wrong is right and right is wrong
Where hate and love is similarly different
A world of my time, I am a son of this time
I pray to power for power too
I am the snake with a human tattoo
My angels don’t answer to any gods
But my memories will always keep you near

And to the human with a snake tattoo
I know the world let you down
I pray to God to forgive the devil and free your soul
Living in a world within eternal death
Where the past is the future and the future past
Where tears of joy and pain are differently same
A world of my time, I am a son of this time
I pray to fame for fame too
I am the snake with a human tattoo
 I created God and the Devil to answer to
But still my memories always keep you near
It takes a lot for some one to place blame on no one not even themselves and really honestly feel the world let them down and keeps letting them down .Frustrations and ill luck everywhere  He looked .
finally understanding the nature of the world we change to be more like it accepting the rules of the game and keep fighting. Always we are however still fond of the person we were 

Monday, July 25, 2016

We usually wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, maybe take a shower in our bathrooms  ,take our breakfast and walk out to tackle our day later on we come back to our home having either our lovers, our kids our workers  or when we are alone ourselves open our doors and yet that doesn’t really make it our world .we tend to forget that our daily life interactions with other people make life interesting ,worth living and a lot of times we end up forgetting responsibility to our fellow human beings
Since we as a people wore “our “ shades that we can’t see the problems  of others and we tend to focus in methods that gain us an advantage at the expense of others  and that has resulted to well ,the man eat man society we have . A battle between the rich and the poor. Always having the end justify our means we have managed to put each other in castes and  as a result we have people living in abject poverty deprived of all basic needs and all the people with something do is make rules for the status quo criminalizing what is usually their only way of a survival. What fault does a prostitute have if now her kids will not live the same lives as themselves? Just a question to ponder
Instead why don’t we recognize the root of the problem rather than cringing our faces to the rotten fruits. We have taken the saying of send a thief to catch a thief too far and instead of using hard earned tax payers money to form commissions to  investigate corruption and insecurity why not build a proper homeless shelter for the street children and see  where it lands us with the issue of pick pockets in our towns.

For me my greatest pain is seeing a fellow human being suffer and probably they do not understand why because they were born in a flawed system, a system where the rich stay rich and the poor stay surviving a system where a ten year old is not in school but rather is being taught a lesson by life every single day. A cry for a shred of humanity, a cry for the underprivileged a cry for responsibility to our fellow human being ,a passion for equality ,a passion for life.

Saturday, January 23, 2016



Like Oscar Wilde
I can resist everything except temptation
Love, the sweat the moans the passion
She loves but she knows she is no good
I love but my fear is I am  not too
It takes two to love but our wills cant do
With death the only thing that terrifies us two
We can survive everything except that boo
So, on your marks, get set, No rush
But I feel like we are running, running out of time
To have our happily ever after and maybe rhyme

Like Oscar wilde
I have nothing to declare but my genius
Love, the tie ,the suit,this plan of mine smart like the groom
Get married,get babies,get bored ,just us
It may not be for you and you will cheat a few
It will kill me though and I will kiss like two
It is necessarily not right nor true
Just because we die for it boo
So ,on your marks,get set ,No rush
But I know we will run,run out of time
To make good of our happily ever after,and maybe rhyme

Like Oscar wilde
Consistency is the last refuge for the unimaginative
Love, we will grow ,we will change like the truth
Drink some more, make some love, be bad ,it is good
Do it again and again and again you are bored ,I am all you got
You are old and not gold but its you or alone
Because of the little rod and the honey pot of romance boo
Our youth and our souls inheritance we lost to
So, on your marks ,get set ,no rush
There is no need to run ,run with time
This is our happily ever after and we did rhyme

Saturday, November 7, 2015

DREAMER by Moses Sichach

DREAMER by Moses Sichach

  this is my first single inspired by the fickleness of the belive in ourselves . I rage againist weakness giving up on our  dreams