Saturday, June 20, 2015

AND TO THE GOD OF MY MOTHER(verse to verse explanation)

I remember when i was a child

i prayed to my god to make teacher sick

he replied and made teacher a doctor

to cure my stupidity with knowledge and stick

since my God didn't understand me

i pray to the god of my mother

to open my mind

to knowledge and wisdom

so that they too can learn


The above verse is a memory of our childhood the pain we usually felt with going to school .the undone assignments,the punishments and all the struggles that come with school life and am sure we all  at some point prayed  that some stuck up teacher wouldn't make it to class for some reason .

With age we come to appreciate their role and we too would love younger people to learn from us,

I remember when I was a teen

I prayed to my god to make her blind in love

he replied he made her transparent

To make sure I saw beyond her pretty

Since my god doesn’t understand me

I pray to the God of my mother

To open my eyes

To see the beauty in everyone

So I too can love

The above verse is most definately the most interesting stage of our life,emotions run deep we discover ourselves and sadly others too.we love those who doi not love us and want that  which will definately ruin us and soon enough we beggin seeing the wrong in everyone we beggin suspecting foul in everything and we could only hope to see the world for its beauty rather than what it is

I will remember yesterday for now I am here

I am lost ,the fog blinding, the earth burying

I would pray to my god to lift my burden

But since my god may not understand me

I pray to the God of my mother

To give me a strong heart

To be able to lift the weight of the world

So I can again live

the above verse is to all of us who think we lost our way  and everything we do turns to shit(reverse midas) and we could definitely do with some help though there is no one who could help us through  our struggles and at some point it threatens to break us .this should give us a diiferent perspective of what we really want