Monday, July 25, 2016

We usually wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, maybe take a shower in our bathrooms  ,take our breakfast and walk out to tackle our day later on we come back to our home having either our lovers, our kids our workers  or when we are alone ourselves open our doors and yet that doesn’t really make it our world .we tend to forget that our daily life interactions with other people make life interesting ,worth living and a lot of times we end up forgetting responsibility to our fellow human beings
Since we as a people wore “our “ shades that we can’t see the problems  of others and we tend to focus in methods that gain us an advantage at the expense of others  and that has resulted to well ,the man eat man society we have . A battle between the rich and the poor. Always having the end justify our means we have managed to put each other in castes and  as a result we have people living in abject poverty deprived of all basic needs and all the people with something do is make rules for the status quo criminalizing what is usually their only way of a survival. What fault does a prostitute have if now her kids will not live the same lives as themselves? Just a question to ponder
Instead why don’t we recognize the root of the problem rather than cringing our faces to the rotten fruits. We have taken the saying of send a thief to catch a thief too far and instead of using hard earned tax payers money to form commissions to  investigate corruption and insecurity why not build a proper homeless shelter for the street children and see  where it lands us with the issue of pick pockets in our towns.

For me my greatest pain is seeing a fellow human being suffer and probably they do not understand why because they were born in a flawed system, a system where the rich stay rich and the poor stay surviving a system where a ten year old is not in school but rather is being taught a lesson by life every single day. A cry for a shred of humanity, a cry for the underprivileged a cry for responsibility to our fellow human being ,a passion for equality ,a passion for life.

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