Thursday, February 26, 2015


At times i just stand silent or talk basically am a normal human being those who know me love how i think to those who dont wonder how the hell i can produce moments of genius.
See i am smart am not genius but i am smart so i know what makes people smart and i love it because its a reflection of me so Am gonna list what i know makes someone smart What i know attracts me to you....and fuck physics in this case like attracts like now lets see.

1.Emotional Control

This is what makes smart people standout and  believe me  i am not saying being uptight makes one smart am going to say when the chips are down and the heat is up we all know emotional outbursts wont help so we keep our cool least we waste unnecessary energy and the necessary reputation we have built all our lives

2.Personal Branding

The need to be unique haunts all smart people see for geniuses their work brands them but smart people only produce moments of genius and the need to stand out ,the need to leave a mark makes them brand their work a signature style . For example anything i write screams c-chach everything i do is a mirror of me and alot of people around me i have observed have the same 


Lets just say dumb people dont get jokes as most jokes are more cryptic they just miss the double entendres the subtleness of humour and geniuses well most of them are too busy to take anything as a joke or they just find jokes sheep stupid

4.Enjoy Pleasures

When they love something they enjoy it too much they might milk all the fun from it they lose control once in a while andbwhen they do they do it big they appreciate life they love they fuck they live it just comes with reducing the preassure we have on ourselves

5.Actall Intelligence

Am honest smart people are liteterally intelligent i know o might have given lots of dumb people hopes they might be smart noooope you have to actually be intelligent


All the above might be bull but c moon i think i needed to tell myself am smart and i can do that because i have a blog.  ��������������������������