Thursday, September 25, 2014


I lost my mind
So I write from my heart
I give you my soul
I need no shoes to follow you
But your beauty kills
That's why am dead in my tracks
How can I win your heart
When the game you are playing is hard to get
I would remove O from the vowels
To see U and I together
I would bring heaven on  earth
Coz that's what they call forever
I would shit genius on you
So c mon be my toilet
In the most romantic way
I think cupid was in a toilet
Its like taking a photo with greens on my grin
I admit i need my image repaired
Before your eyes
Like them we can be a pair
I would change my name to teddy
If you let me be you bear
Not that its grizzly but shit you got me scared
To have to think outside the box
To lock you in mine
I will give you my heart
If you just give me a chance.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Not that am a damsel i distres but who doesnt need saving escpecially when your life  is going down the shit hole just talk bout the word becoming an asshole any way never mind about that attempted analogy am just gonna pose for a second so that you can get the picture....okay whatever your imagination of  shity life just multiply that by ten  and hold your nose because am in real shit.Trust me  when i say i was in the dark with my life and i just couldn't see this coming 
I can trace my looooong looong  list of misfortunes  since when i was born.......just kidding it was somewhere late be continued

Monday, August 4, 2014




ok seems today  i have  my philosophical  mind  on ,who am i kidding it was my friend kelvins argument  that in this biblical stuff that  Goliath was the under dog arguing that David had the ultimate cheat code in gods support and that i should look at it   as the omniscient reader and the fact  that goliath was  obviously set out to lose made the otherwise  Gigantic warrior with the untold previous victories which the Israeli   folk tale writers dint even think  were worth mentioning   an under dog 

i argued that in a position of a non partial greedy non christian assuming it was a cage match  who would you put your money on  i know you chose Goliath too  meaning while it was  a sure loss for Goliath  what people perceptive makes you an under dog or a favorite


i really don't give a crap about the bible but i would say the only weakness Goliath had  was  his strengths and a  champions ego