Saturday, January 23, 2016



Like Oscar Wilde
I can resist everything except temptation
Love, the sweat the moans the passion
She loves but she knows she is no good
I love but my fear is I am  not too
It takes two to love but our wills cant do
With death the only thing that terrifies us two
We can survive everything except that boo
So, on your marks, get set, No rush
But I feel like we are running, running out of time
To have our happily ever after and maybe rhyme

Like Oscar wilde
I have nothing to declare but my genius
Love, the tie ,the suit,this plan of mine smart like the groom
Get married,get babies,get bored ,just us
It may not be for you and you will cheat a few
It will kill me though and I will kiss like two
It is necessarily not right nor true
Just because we die for it boo
So ,on your marks,get set ,No rush
But I know we will run,run out of time
To make good of our happily ever after,and maybe rhyme

Like Oscar wilde
Consistency is the last refuge for the unimaginative
Love, we will grow ,we will change like the truth
Drink some more, make some love, be bad ,it is good
Do it again and again and again you are bored ,I am all you got
You are old and not gold but its you or alone
Because of the little rod and the honey pot of romance boo
Our youth and our souls inheritance we lost to
So, on your marks ,get set ,no rush
There is no need to run ,run with time
This is our happily ever after and we did rhyme