Sunday, July 26, 2015


Three wise monkeys are a maxim originating from japan they
embody the principle of ‘SEE NO EVIL’(MIZARU), ‘HEAR NO EVIL’(MIKAZARU), AND ‘SPEAK
NO EVIL’(MAZARU) open link for Wikipedia info
In this poem I have taken an alphabetical format where the
first letter of each line in a verse add up to give the wise monkey concern
.its a beautiful blend of Japanese maxim and African expirience  and was inspired by the suffering of African women
and girls.
Hope it touches your heart and changes a life .

Must our eyes even when we blind see
I closed my eyes but 
Zipporah D ‘Ead was aborting the Evil
Zipporah says Kevin Daddy closed her eyes not to see
And that mother sees but to her it’s no Evil
Remember my daughter all we have is nothing you have to see
Until it’s too late we must see no Evil
The first
monkey(MIZARU) is introduced to you though in an ironic context with I as if
pleading with us to hear evil as each alternating end of  line begs us of this
We see the
first character Zipporah D’Ead aboarting a child who she got through her father
Kevin Daddy who raped her regurlarly  with persona I observing the Mizaru principle .
mother seems to be fine with it as she has no financial ability on her own and
this really pained Zipporah until her death .
The theme of abortion is most recognizable
followed by the theme of poverty
Video image depicts the
mizaru  monkey oblivious of the two

Must our ears even when we deaf Hear
I closed my ears but Mama Zipporah was screaming like she saw
something Evil
Kevin Daddy says she is stupid she want supposed to hear
And that Zipporah my sister died of nature not Evil
Zipporah my saint pray for mother I need you to Hear
And don’t forget she did her best but too late she is not evil
Remember in this our world money buys ears they all can’t Hear
Until it’s too late we must hear no evil
In this second verse of  the MIKAZARU monkey the persona I comes to
life and even asks for Zipporah to forgive their mother as it turns out
Zipporah mis understood the phrase “Remember my daughter all we have is nothing
you have to see” and she meant she didn’t have the financial capability to make
the difference not that she neede to enjoy the posh
In this verse Zipporahs mother is
constantly battered to her death
Main themes in this verse include
wife battery and corruption is very clear  “remember in this our world money buys ears
they all cant hear”
 3rd VERSE
Must our mouths even when we Dumb Speak
And closed his mouth but Kevin Daddy drunk in his straitjacket must
be something Evil
Zipporah and her mother he says to him they speak
Another one they say cray like the world it’s Evil
Remember the voices in our heads shouldn’t Speak
Until it’s too late we must speak no Evil
This verse is the readers fairy tale though the persona I is
very sad for losing whole of his famiy with Kevin Daddy finally succumbing to
his demons and the persona I is the onky survivor through observing of the
three wise  monkeys rule though we all
understand he would have made a difference if he would have observed the
writers voice

Line to remember:”Remember the voices in our heads shouldn’t
Themes evident is Karma